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MFC has a large variety of Guitar, Bass and Acoustic amplifiers in stock.

Amplifiers are an essential part of any guitarist or bassist's setup, as they help to amplify and shape the sound of their instrument. It's important to choose an amplifier that suits your specific needs and preferences, whether you're playing live shows, recording in a studio, or just practicing at home.

When it comes to guitar amplifiers, MFC has a wide range of options to choose from. Some popular types include tube amps, solid-state amps, and digital modeling amps. Tube amps are known for their warm, natural tone and are favored by many professional guitarists. Solid-state amps are generally more affordable, with a more modern sound. Digital modeling amps use advanced digital technology to replicate the sounds of classic amps and effects.

Bass amplifiers are also an important consideration for bassists, as they help to shape the low-end frequencies of the instrument. Some popular types of bass amps include combo amps, which combine the amplifier and speaker in a single unit, and separate amp heads and speaker cabinets, which provide more flexibility and power.

Acoustic amplifiers are designed specifically for acoustic guitars and are designed to reproduce the natural sound of the instrument, often with built-in effects and EQ controls.

Orange Amplifiers are known for their distinctive bright orange color, and for their powerful, high-gain sound that has become the choice of many heavy metal and hard rock guitarists.
Orange produces both tube and solid state combo amplifiers, heads and speaker cabinets.  With their strong reputation for quality and durability, you can have confidence with your new orange amplifier.
MFC stocks guitar, bass and acoustic amplifiers.  Come plug in today!
5150 guitar amplifiers are a line of guitar amplifiers designed by Eddie Van Halen.  These amplifiers are known for their high gain and distinctive tone.  These amps feature two channels, reverb & tube infused power.  These amps have an amazing sound without the hefty price tag.

These amazing amplifiers are in stock and ready for you!
Boss has something for everyone.  Their lineup includes practice amps, gigging amps, and bass amps. Many of these models feature built-in effects such as reverb, delay, and distortion, allowing guitarists to create a wide range of tones without the need for additional pedals.
One of the most popular Boss amplifier models is the Katana series, which offers a wide range of tones and is known for its versatility and affordability.
Boss amplifiers are known for their sturdy construction and reliability, and many players appreciate their affordability and wide range of features.
Fender has produced some of the most iconic amplifiers in music history.  Some of the most popular models include Twin Reverb, Deluxe Reverb and Blues Jr., just to name a few.

Fender amplifiers are also known for their iconic look.  MFC stocks their classic tube amplifiers, as well as solid-state and digital modeling amplifiers.  The acoustic series of amplifiers offer a natural sound, and are lightweight.  The Rumble Series bass amplifiers are powerful and lightweight, making them the choice for many bass players.

Overall, Fender amplifiers are known for their quality, durability, and versatility. They have been used by countless guitar and bass players  in a variety of genres, and continue to be a popular choice for musicians around the world.
Roland offers a range of guitar amplifiers, which are known for their high-quality sound and innovative features.  Roland guitar amplifiers come in a variety of sizes and styles, including practice amps, combo amps, and head and cab setups.

If you're looking for a high-quality guitar amplifier with innovative features and excellent sound quality, a Roland guitar amplifier is worth considering. They offer a modern and versatile option for guitarists of all levels.

Come in, plug in & turn it up!
Hartke is a brand that specializes in bass amplification equipment.  Hartke amps are known for their clarity, power, and versatility, and they are used by many professional bass players across various genres of music.

Overall, Hartke is a respected brand in the bass amplification market and has a strong reputation for producing high-quality, reliable equipment.
MFC always has a nice selection of used amplifiers.  Getting a used amplifier is a great way to save a few bucks and still get the amplifier and tone that you want.  You can have confidence in knowing that we include a 90 day warranty.

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