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MFC has a nice selection of drum sets, cymbals and hardware.

We offer a range of drum sets for different styles and skill levels, from entry-level kits to high-end professional sets.  We also have a range of cymbals with different sizes and types to outfit your drums perfectly.  You will also find a great selection of hardware, including seats, kick pedals and stands.

Tama is a highly respected brand in the world of drumming, known for its high-quality drum sets and hardware. Tama offers a wide range of drum sets for different styles and skill levels, from entry-level kits to high-end professional sets.
When it comes to hardware, Tama is known for its innovation and attention to detail. Tama's Iron Cobra and Speed Cobra series of bass drum pedals are highly popular among drummers for their speed and precision. Tama also offers a range of stands, clamps, and other hardware accessories to support the drum kit.
Ludwig is a well-known brand in the world of drumming, famous for its iconic drum sets and innovative hardware. Ludwig has been producing drums since 1909, and their drums have been used by countless legendary drummers, such as Ringo Starr, John Bonham, and Alex Van Halen.

Ludwig offers a range of drum sets, from entry-level sets for beginners to high-end professional sets for advanced drummers.  When it comes to hardware, Ludwig is known for its innovation and attention to detail. The Atlas Pro hardware series features double-braced legs and a variety of adjustment options, making it sturdy and versatile.
Zildjian produces a wide range of cymbals, including hi-hats, crash cymbals, ride cymbals, and more. The company was founded in 1623 and has been making cymbals for over 400 years. Zildjian cymbals are known for their high-quality sound and are used by many professional drummers.
Gibraltar produces a variety of drum hardware, including pedals, stands, racks, clamps, and accessories.  They are a popular choice for drummers looking for durable and high-quality hardware.
Gibraltar hardware is used by drummers of all levels, from beginners to professionals.
Latin Percussion, also known as LP, is a popular brand that specializes in percussion instruments. LP offers a wide range of hand drums, including congas, bongos, djembes, cajons, timbales, and many others.  Their gear has been played by percussionists of all skill levels.
Roland is well-known for producing high-quality electronic drum sets. Roland's electronic drum sets offer realistic sound and feel, making them an excellent choice for drummers who want a quiet practice option or who want to experiment with electronic sounds.
Roland's electronic drum sets range from beginner-friendly kits to high-end professional options.
NU-X offers incredible electronic drum sets.  Not only do they have the features that every drummer is looking for, but they are also extremely budget friendly.

These drum sets are a must have for the drummer who is in a living or practice situation where playing the acoustic set is impossible.
PDP is a subsidiary brand of DW Drums, which produces hardware for both beginners and professional drummers. PDP is known for offering high-quality drum hardware at a more affordable price point compared to other premium brands. MFC stocks their drum pedals, hi-hat stands, cymbal stands, snare stands, drum thrones, and more. PDP hardware is often praised for its sturdy construction, durability, and ease of use.
MFC always has a great selection of used gear.  We generally have used drum kits and cymbals.

Follow the link to check out the used selection.
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